How to build the characteristic enterprise culture
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Excellent corporate culture can greatly mobilize the internal production factors, guide enterprises to form common values, enhance cohesion and promote greater development in fierce market competition. Each enterprise will build different characteristics of the enterprise culture according to its own reality, and the characteristic enterprise culture is the direction and soul of the enterprise development.

With the spread of the global economic crisis, we will face a more changeable market. If we want to survive and develop, we must seek a more scientific, systematic and complete management system. Corporate culture provides the necessary organizational structure and management mechanism for enterprises. To maintain stable and sustainable development, modern enterprises must develop their own corporate culture. So in order to achieve the sustainable and fast development of Tonghua group, the "double hundred target" Tonghua into reality, to create a unique corporate culture is imminent tongling. As is known to all, corporate culture is the compass of employee action. The "three five" enterprise culture is recognized and shared by all employees of the enterprise core value, its planning mode of thinking and behaviour of employees basic, and gradually evolved into a kind of customary rules. And this mode of thinking and behavior can also have continuity and retention in the process of alternation of old and new employees, so that the enterprise is truly invincible. In addition to obtaining the corresponding economic returns from labor, employees need to be recognized by society and enterprises and have a sense of achievement and belonging. Good corporate culture motivates employees to be connected to their hearts and their fate. On the other hand, the failure of the corporate culture will make employees feel the enterprise is not their own business, then the result will be more personnel than work available in low efficiency.

Enterprise culture is accompanied by enterprises, and is complementary to each other. Tonghua group to become bigger and stronger to achieve sound and rapid development, it must be "soft" and "hard" grasping hands, "innovation should be hard, soft hand features, both of which are indispensable. The development of the enterprise, including the advanced technology of hardware facilities is essential, but only rely on advanced technology and equipment, from what we want to reach the goal or not enough, the so-called "management efficiency", to create a "three five" Tonghua characteristic enterprise culture is a "soft" management. Employees can get beneficial edification, infection and guidance through it, so as to enhance the centripetal force and cohesiveness of employees to enterprises and promote greater development of enterprises.

The key to building and promoting the culture of the characteristic enterprise lies in the leaders of the enterprise. In a specific sense, corporate culture can be regarded as "entrepreneurial culture", because enterprises are managed by leaders, and corporate culture depends largely on leaders' will and actions. Create and push forward the "three five" characteristics of corporate culture, business leaders should take the lead in learning enterprise culture knowledge, the connotation of corporate culture should have a profound understanding, has a unique perspective on the construction of the enterprise culture, a long-term strategic thinking of the enterprise development. At the same time, we must take part in the refinement of cultural concepts and guide the design of every culture system of enterprises, and put forward a personalized view, highlighting the unique and forward-looking sense of management. Through long-term vision, personality charm and management art, infection and influence the staff to play the greatest potential and promote the good and rapid development of the enterprise.

The key to the construction of the characteristic enterprise culture is to integrate with the management of the enterprise and complement each other. Strengthening the construction of enterprise culture does not mean to throw away the system management. Without more perfect rules and regulations, enterprises can not carry out effective production and operation activities. However, no matter how perfect the rules and regulations are, it is impossible to cover all the activities of the enterprise, and it is impossible to fundamentally regulate the behavior consciousness of every worker. And corporate culture is a kind of intangible cultural constraint force, is a standard and concept, can be used to make up for the lack of rules and regulations. The practical guiding significance of enterprise culture to management lies in excavating the essence of cultural management, enriching the connotation of cultural management and improving the guiding role of cultural management. Tongling obvious advantages: enterprise culture can enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, strengthen the staff's self control; can motivate the staff working enthusiasm, improve production efficiency, become entrepreneurial drive; help to improve their ability to adapt to the environment; enhance interpersonal relationship, produce great synergy; to establish a corporate image, improve corporate reputation, expand enterprise influence. Through the leading role of the characteristic enterprise culture to management, the common development of workers and enterprises is realized and the competitiveness of the enterprises in the market is promoted.

The key to building a characteristic enterprise culture lies in the participation of all members. In order to strengthen the internal cohesion and external competitiveness and promote the sustainable development of the enterprises, the workers must make the same concept and implement it. Through a variety of media publicity and on-the-job training, improve staff awareness of corporate culture system, so that employees are involved, make them in accordance with the enterprise culture management requirements, with the concept of culture consciously guide individual behavior, from the requirements of the "I do" into "I need to do this, then the realization of Tonghua group stronger the bigger goal will point the day and await for it.

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