Start with a thankful heart
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"Grateful heart, thanks to have you, with me all the time let me have the courage to do myself; Thanksgiving heart, thanks to fate, flowers and flowers I will cherish..." The song "the heart of gratitude" is sung in the north and south of the river. Yes, thanks to the parents, they gave us life, we came to this world with a riot of colours; thanks to the teachers, they use the knowledge and wisdom of our water, we thrive; more grateful to our enterprise, Tonghua group, she with a tolerant heart, open-minded mind gives us a talent the stage. Gratitude is the source of inner harmony. In the work, life in the future, copper copper by copper, therefore, from the inside for copper. We should repay the enterprise and repay the society by the way of gratitude and back feeding.

As an employee, thanks to an enterprise, it is necessary to care for the enterprise, to be loyal to the enterprise and to dedicate it to the enterprise. First of all, we must have a thankful heart. We should put our mindset right and be grateful for the employment and learning opportunities offered by enterprises. We can't be satisfied either. With a heart of gratitude, we can work happily and become tolerant. Understanding among colleagues, such enterprises are more like a family, can each employee have a sense of belonging. Creating a happy and happy working atmosphere has no harm to every employee in the collective. We have to have the spirit of dedication, dedication is a sincere and conscious effort. In the work, we should correctly handle the relationship between people and the small family, and lost, no matter what you do, should be to the public for the first, do a selfless dedication, and does not care about the people. We should have a foothold in our own position and have a strong ability to be able to be grateful for our ability to be grateful to the enterprise. If the Tonghua group compared to a tree, so that every employee is leaves, only to absorb enough nutrients, we will thrive, Tongling this tree with luxuriant foliage will, Tonghua group this vast forest will be a wild profusion of vegetation. Gratitude to the enterprise is not a slogan, it should be reflected in the actual action. Gratitude to the business is not a stage, but a belief that we must persist throughout our career.

In the current environment of the financial crisis, Tongling gave us a stable life, as we provide work, enhance the ability to grow of the platform and opportunity, as employees, we should be more united, go all out to promote the healthy and stable development of economic construction enterprises. Only by the development of the enterprise can the employees get more benefits.

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