The "three five" is a magic weapon for us to overcome the crisis
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Understanding the crisis, coping with the crisis and defeating the crisis are the topics that people in the world must deal with in the present world. Various countries and organizations have different ways to get out of the crisis. We Tongling, practicing the "three five" is one of the magic weapon to overcome the crisis.

The fusion point of culture as the superstructure, ideology and economic basis, the enterprise culture as the combination of enterprises "Three Civilization" construction, if not called productivity, can at least as a country, a nation and the competitiveness of enterprises, do well is the core competitiveness. "Japanese production" why can dominate the world, research to study, the final conclusion is that Japan has advanced corporate culture, corporate culture is the magic weapon to win.

Copper weapon is about thanksgiving. Gratitude is pure feelings, but that is never, gratitude, is not good, not abandoned. Tongling no layoffs, no pay cuts, is on the staff wholeheartedly for the workers is never abandon, make a living, interests, is the largest of the people's livelihood. Enterprises and workers will be able to handle the mutual benefits, and overcome the difficulties together.

Copper weapon is about to. For employees, obedience is obedience to the overall interests and long-term interests of enterprises, and is subordinate to the development needs of enterprises. For enterprises, it is subordinate to the vital interests of most employees and is subordinate to their personal development needs. The interests and development of the enterprise and the interests and development of the staff and workers are the unity of opposites, which are basically consistent and the fate is connected.

Copper weapon is the struggle to speak. Because it is difficult to struggle, because the competition is to struggle, because the crisis is to struggle, because the development is to struggle. Striving is to advance bravely and move forward, and to overcome all difficulties that impede our development, such as fighting bravely and persevering bravely against the economic crisis. The struggle is emancipated and the struggle is liberated.

Copper weapon is the loyalty of heart, sense of responsibility, dedication, unity of heart heart. Five condensate heart, love is just utter innocence. Because of loyalty, it is responsible, because the responsibility must be advanced, unity, and dedication. Loyalty is inner, dedication is the concrete manifestation of loyalty. Loyalty is to be paid, not to pay without loyalty; dedication is to be sacrificed, sacrifice originates from loyalty. Have a ready to sacrifice the utter devotion, staff, the difficult way, dare to call off the crisis!

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