The strength of the "hard winter"
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After the winter rain and snow, spring told people her arrival with a roar of thunder. Spring, the recovery of all things, but the impact of the global financial crisis and economic recession, our enterprises are facing financial pressure, shrinking market, a sharp decline in efficiency etc. the rigorous test, all of this is a do not know when to melt the iceberg, deep pressure in each person's heart tonghua. When will the spring of the enterprise come? How can this "severe winter" survive? This has become our each person pondering the problem of tonghua.

At this moment, what kind of idea and mental state of the enterprise, what kind of decision and action will be made, will determine the future destiny of the enterprise. Therefore, in the "severe winter", we must maintain a positive attitude and form a strong will to resist the "cold winter" in all our employees, unify our minds and fully establish the confidence to overcome the severe cold. To accurately analyze our advantage, seriously find shortcomings, objective judgment dilemma, to grasp opportunities for development, for the benefit of the negative, positive, motivate employees, human resources, to ensure that enterprises maintain a healthy and stable development to provide strong spiritual power in the economic crisis.

What kind of strength should we accumulate in the "severe winter" in order to condense all the staff in the hard time? We have the scale advantages of the top five hundred of the country, a group of highly qualified science and technology, and a highly qualified and loyal workforce. These are the source of the revitalization and development of enterprises. In the face of "severe winter", we need a strong force and integrate it into the core competitiveness of the sustainable development of the enterprise. Group party put forward the "three five" as the core of enterprise culture, is further refined to the enterprise culture connotation and sublimation. The excellent enterprise culture can improve the overall management level of the enterprise, and it is the internal and lasting motive force for the enterprise to survive and develop in the "severe winter".

"Thanksgiving" is the enterprise will thank the employees into efforts to create a crisis will never abandon; thanks to loyal customers together into a crisis of win-win cooperation; is the staff will thank enterprises to create growth space into a crisis will thank colleagues pull together in times of trouble; selfless help into common unity, transformation for the actual action of hard work. "Obey" is to attach great importance to the overall interests of the company, emphasizing the authority of the system, and strive to improve business management at all levels of execution, we need to focus on their goal to carry out efficient work, only the strict implementation of "will do, there are prohibitions" management system, in order to produce high efficiency, have competitiveness. "To fight hard" means to set up sense of crisis and responsibility consciousness for all members, always take achievements as the starting point of their new goals, and transform this enterprising consciousness into a sense of responsibility and mission to speed up the development of enterprises, based on posts, dedication and responsibility. "The formation of the concept of corporate culture three five", created a unique core competitiveness of Tongling, will become the source of Tonghua group has become a key force in the sustainable development of enterprises.

Martin Ruud Kim, a famous American black civil rights leader, said, "if your faith is still standing, no one in the world can make you fall." An enterprise with advanced culture, an enterprise who has the courage to reflect and often introspect, is bound to walk out of the winter and come into the spring with a steady step.

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