The collection of fake clues for the complex fertilizer cooperation network
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In July 13th, the Chinese phosphate fertilizer industry association, the leading organization of China's compound fertilizer and cooperation network, held a workshop on compound fertilizer and counterfeiting work in Beijing. At the meeting, it conveyed the letter of collection and counterfeiting, which was sent by the cooperation network. It also made clear that it is the future direction of the cooperation network to launch all sectors of the industry, maintain healthy industrial development environment and jointly promote the quality of compound fertilizer products.

The China compound fertilizer counterfeiting cooperation network was established in Beijing in June 8th this year. It is a unified organization led by the AQSIQ, led by the China phosphate fertilizer industry association, and an organization with the principle of voluntariness. The first batch of members including Hubei, Guizhou, Jiangsu Yang Feng Western Middle East and other 7 well-known domestic fertilizer production enterprises. The cooperation network office is located in the China phosphoric fertilizer industry association, which is coordinated by a special person of the China phosphoric fertilizer industry association.

According to the State Quality Inspection Administration of deployment, the network will play three main functions: one is the information collection function, timely reflect the dynamic industry quality; two is the cooperation and coordination function, become the enterprise, consumer and government departments to form a bridge between the group, but also can help other enterprises to carry out fake cooperation; three is the staff, the function, reflect the real situation of the industry, promote the healthy development of the industry, to protect the country, industry, enterprise and the interests of farmers.

It is reported that the open collection of counterfeit clues to the industry, will be unified by the coordination of relevant departments to investigate and deal with. China phosphor fertilizer industry association will regularly notify the member units of the fraud situation, and through China's phosphorus and sulfur network to the public, for the industry to inquire.

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