Quality inspection department five measures to ensure the quality of agricultural and household appliances to the home products
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Since the beginning of this year, the quality inspection departments have focused on serving the "three rural issues" and "home appliances to the countryside". The five measures have ensured the quality of products and played a beautiful combination of quality and safety, effectively safeguarding the vital interests of the broad masses of farmers.

One is to punish the illegal acts strictly and pay great attention to the major case. The local quality supervision bureau strengthens the information communication in the system, gets the technical support of the relevant quality inspection institutions, and strengthens the special law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting of agricultural products and household appliances to the countryside. Highlight the key products, key enterprises and key areas, severely punished illegal cases of counterfeit agricultural kengnonghainong, vigorously carry out agricultural regional renovation work. Severely punished the impurities, shoddy, filled with old and new, unqualified products as qualified products and other illegal activities.

According to statistics, the national quality inspection department launched 112 thousand law enforcement personnel in the spring, and 11366 of the agricultural production enterprises were examined. Among them, 6093 of the 6093 fertilizer production enterprises and 6301 cases of illegal quality inspection of agricultural products were examined, and the loss of agricultural production was reduced by 75 million 650 thousand yuan. From January to May, the quality inspection department dispatched 45 thousand law enforcement personnel, and checked 17560 products and similar products production and processing enterprises, and investigated 96 cases of quality violations, involving 1 million 708 thousand and 400 yuan.

Two is the use of the quality hotline, unimpeded demand channels. All over the country, the Quality Supervision Bureau all over the country opened and widely publicized the "12365" quality service hotline, actively accepting complaints and reporting and organizing investigation and processing. At the same time, through the "12365" hotline quality, expand the law enforcement cases, a strong blow to the illegal acts of selling counterfeit and shoddy products. At present, 7859 cases have been investigated and dealt with by reporting cases, of which 128 reports are reported to the home appliances to the countryside.

The three is to strengthen cooperation and cooperation and improve the linkage mechanism of counterfeiting. The coordination and cooperation between the quality supervision system and other regions is constantly strengthened. The industry and commerce departments and industry associations are actively coordinated to establish and improve the linkage mechanism of agricultural products counterfeiting and home appliances to the countryside, so as to form a joint working situation and strive to form a large audit work pattern. At the beginning of the year, quality inspection administration and the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of industry and information technology, business administration and other 6 departments jointly issued the agricultural counterfeiting and supervision points; in April, agriculture, industry and commerce, quality inspection, letter and other 10 departments jointly issued a document, the deployment of fighting and restriction of highly toxic pesticide violations; combined with the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce, industry and the Ministry of information, business administration and other 5 departments to carry out a nationwide quality home appliances to the countryside "activities, through joint action and organization of" home appliances to the countryside "the public commitment to the quality of production enterprises, guide and urge enterprises in standard production enhance the sense of responsibility.

Four is to adhere to the livelihood of the people, help farmers to solve difficulties. The local Quality Supervision Bureau went deep into villages and towns, and organized targeted activities such as entering thousands of villages, entering thousands of households and pumping thousands of samples. It went deep into 29489 villages, and extracted 16388 agricultural products. The organization of home appliances to the countryside enterprises, quality inspection agencies, industry associations and other relevant units to go to rural areas to carry out on-site consultation, free testing, technical services and other forms of activities; the "home appliances to the countryside quality service manual" free to farmers; good products "three packs of" customer service service, regular visits for home appliances to consumers user comments and suggestions, the timely processing of home appliance product quality complaints, organization staff to guide farmers scientific and rational use of household appliances.

The five is to carry out a thorough investigation, strengthen tracking supervision. In the first half of the year, a total of 11 provincial quality supervision bureaus identified 35 key regional organizations of agricultural products, and carried out regional regulation. Around the quality supervision departments and industry associations, technical institutions in-depth successful production and sales enterprise, the farmer, the quality of products, home appliances to the countryside "three packs of" customer service service, energy label to carry out a thorough investigation, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for quality and safety.

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