Quality inspection departments seized more than 7500 fake spring million counterfeit agricultural
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Quality inspection administration 8, informed that this year the national quality inspection departments to highlight the key products, key enterprises and key areas, severely punished counterfeit agricultural kengnonghainong illegal cases in spring agricultural counterfeiting the seized counterfeit agricultural value of 75 million 960 thousand yuan.

Since this year, quality inspection departments in investigating cases of illegal kengnonghainong as the starting point, carry out the "fake agricultural countryside" activities, severely punish the impurities, shoddy, filled with old and new, unqualified products as qualified products and other illegal activities.

In the spring of agricultural crackdown, the national quality inspection departments were investigating 6301 cases of illegal agricultural quality, the quality of the fertilizer to investigate cases of illegal 4095; seized counterfeit agricultural value of 75 million 960 thousand yuan, which seized fake fertilizer value of 52 million 120 thousand yuan; seized counterfeit agricultural major cases since 64, reduce agricultural production loss of 75 million 650 thousand yuan.

In March of this year, according to the report, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Qiaojia County, Yunnan, carried out law enforcement inspection on the Zhaotong city of Changjiang silk Co., Ltd., and found 460.76 tons of inferior compound fertilizer in the scene. It was tested that the content of the fertilizer was 2.1%, and the content of P and K was 0. The case has been transferred to public security authorities for suspected crimes.

According to the introduction, the local Quality Supervision Bureau has organized targeted activities of "entering thousands of villages, entering thousands of households and pumping thousands of samples", sampling and testing the quality of agricultural products for farmers without charge, on-site receiving complaints, on-site identifying farmers' genuine and fake products, and solving difficult problems at the scene. Since this year, the quality inspection department has carried out a total of 29489 rural areas and 16388 samples of agricultural capital.

Quality inspection departments to carry out a thorough investigation, strengthen tracking supervision. In the first half of the year, 11 provincial quality supervision bureaus identified 35 key regional organizations of agricultural capital, and carried out regional regulation.

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