There is a cat and a cat behind the sale of chemical fertilizer
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In recent years, with the concept of balanced fertilization, scientific fertilization depth, farmers have a better understanding of the scientific use of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, many farmers love with experts the "formula" buy fertilizer, some agricultural stores so please expert visits at the diagnosis "," prescription "for the farmers. The nitrogen fertilizer fertilizer sales on collocation fertilizer farmers. However, in the dealerships to strongly recommend and match the sale of chemical fertilizer, I found that there is a serious "cat and dog". In the process of chemical fertilizer tying, the dealer often gives a very reasonable explanation to the tying behavior, which makes the listener very moved. But if farmers do not buy them according to their dealership, or buy a kind of fertilizer separately, especially urea fertilizer, it is not rejected, it means 5~10 yuan per bag. The tying behavior is not enough, and this practice has great harm to the development of fertilizer market. First, the tying sale causes the urea price of some market to be hung upside down. Some dealers to urea prices than other stores to reduce the price of 5 yuan, in order to attract farmers, then collocation sales and compound fertilizer and other products, this phenomenon will cause the price of urea decreased, even the sales price lower than the ex factory price of the "upside down" phenomenon, leading to confusion in the market price of fertilizer. Two is "tying" that causes some big manufacturers to lose credibility. Dealers in the tying products, except the use of urea as the main choice, there are also some well-known brands of big manufacturers. When farmers want to buy these famous brand fertilizers, they are also mixed with some unknown chemical fertilizers which are not guaranteed by quality, or even fake and inferior chemical fertilizers. Dealers introduce to farmers, they are all produced by an enterprise, or by their subsidiaries, or by the formula of large manufacturers, or by new products launched by big manufacturers. These small factory products and big factory products were used together, which led farmers to be confused about which products had quality problems and had doubts about Dachang, so that they could lose the market because of their matching sales. The three is "tying" that causes some manufacturers to lose loyal customers. Some manufacturers also produce both the production of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer in order to sell its inventory, in the urea products, manufacturers to lower prices of wholesale urea, the minimum retail price, and tying a certain amount of compound fertilizer, the purchase amount of urea to how to determine the number of tying compound fertilizer. Otherwise, the price of urea plant will be increased by 60~80 yuan per ton. Dealers in order to buy Urea, to purchase collocation of compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer as a result of tying to sell, but to urea in the original price based on the sales and the price 5~10 yuan, and the compound fertilizer collocation due to poor sales led to the backlog, enable dealers to lose confidence in enterprises and choose other manufacturers. The result is the manufacturer sales collocation their inventory sell through tying, although no money dealers from urea and fertilizer brand body, but from the fertilizer on collocation Hodge to earn high profits 300 yuan per ton, but the ultimate victims often are farmers. At the same time, due to the basic fertilizer sales more is formed between neighbors and friends, this purchase by affection and trust based, often make many farmers even found the collocation problems are rarely direct and fertilizer dealers in this dispute, the trust of farmers at the expense of sales, not only damages the interests of farmers the farmers, hurt feelings, more terrible is the farmers generated by the chemical fertilizer enterprises and brand trust crisis caused by the unsuspecting. Therefore, I hope the relevant departments to pay attention to the collocation of sales problems, do not let the country's agricultural policy and balanced fertilization project because of primary dealers in the sales of collocation and change the taste.

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