Wanning: the winning way of enterprises in the era of post economic crisis
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When I just got the book "road of future business", I thought it was a rough case of business collection. But after reading it carefully, I gradually grasped the accurate location of the book. That is to transform and guide the enterprise in a systematic way with structured thinking.

The road of future business, through interviews with more than 1000 C E O in the world, summarizes five characteristics of future enterprises, namely, yearning for change, global integration, making innovation beyond customers' imagination, sincerity, not just generosity, disruptive business innovation.

At present, Chinese enterprises are at a very critical moment. We call it "growing pains". All those who are young people will have such experience. You will find that you are not able to find the best direction for you in all kinds of variables. Many entrepreneurs are saying that we are faced with the impact of globalization and face such a big development space in China. However, how to operate it has never found a practical way, and this book has given us great support.

The Chinese need to have an example and set the model of the example on their own. Mentioned in the book, in the face of crisis of global enterprise C E O view is: enterprises by the impact of changes, and to keep up with changes in customer requirements said of an aged person; more and more high, but C E O does not consider the crisis, but to build differentiated opportunities; all of the C E O in the adjustment of business model, 2/3 C E O in the implementation of innovative business model in large scale; many C E O in the global business design to promote the success of the enterprise; to anticipate changes in demand and change control. From the above point of view, we will find that many of the C E O in China are faced with these problems. For example, enterprises are under the impact of change, but in order to keep up with the pace of change, it is necessary to do a lot of effort.

Now many enterprises in China have a large lack of management of change, which is our short board. How to do it, in this book I see some of the Chinese enterprises are very useful for reference. It gradually induces changes to four points, namely, insight and action, solid methods, steady benefits, improvement of skills, optimization of transformation, precise investment and best return. That is to use a structured way to manage enterprise change, reduce risk and improve transparency. In this way, the Chinese enterprises are truly effective in achieving change.

I didn't know much about Li Feng [38.35 1.59%] company. After reading this book, I checked many information about Li Feng online, and I think this company is really amazing. As we all know, Hongkong gradually lost some of the advantages in 1997 after the return to the motherland, many enterprises are declining, but the company was at that time up, it just reflects the strategy of globalization, how to treat the global outsourcing trend. It focuses on the design of globalization, making it a favorable position in a big transformation. In addition to lefung, the book also offers a number of excellent companies, such as IKEA, Airbus, CISCO, rilly, and so on. As a matter of fact, IB M is a typical example of reflection and change, and it has successfully turned from product - oriented to service - oriented. Here is a suggestion. I hope that Peking University press and IB M can add some ink to the case, because they always feel uncomfortable when reading, so that they can read more cases on the Internet.

This book is also very interesting in style design. Every case will be radiated in many directions. It will often ask readers to think about some questions, for example, "are you ready?" "Our challenge" "comprehensive analysis tools", I think this is a bright spot. A comprehensive analysis tool only has an introduction, and more is behind it. I believe that this book is aimed at solving the problem of growing pains for Chinese enterprises in the process of global economic integration, so it has a very practical guiding significance.

Mr. Zhang Ruimin's recommendation to this book is "only to become a future enterprise, to win the future of the enterprise". This sentence is very well written, and also accords with Chinese cultural details. The same sentence draws two very good concepts.

I believe that today we should return to value more, do a good reflection on value, understand how to analyze the environment in the current environment, and finally achieve the way of winning the business.

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