Pilot work on environmental protection fertilizer product certification
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The research project of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision on environmental fertilizer products certification has been officially launched into the promotion stage of the project, which is undertaken by Beijing Zhonghua Joint Certification Co., Ltd. The implementation of this project will promote the whole society to accelerate the formation of the concept of environmental protection and ecological fertilizer.

The system is based on the third party evaluation mechanism. The standard of arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium and mercury in the fertilizer is used as the basis for the certification of heavy metals in fertilizers. The limit of other harmful substances is based on the corresponding product standards. Environmental protection and eco fertilizer product certification is issued by enterprises that are certified by environmental protection and ecological fertilizer products. Enterprises can use the certification marks of environmental protection products designated by the National Commission for Discipline Inspection, and are expected to enjoy the support of national policies. This is of great significance for improving the quality of fertilizer products, enhancing the monitoring ability of fertilizer and toxic substances, and controlling the environmental pollution and harmful substances caused by fertilizers from the source.

It is reported that there are more than 10 companies plan to join the ranks of pilot enterprises, including Anhui six chemical, Guizhou Wengfu (Group), Jin Zhengda, Shandong, Shanghai Luxi Chemical fertilizer industry leading enterprises such as hanfeng.

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