Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center publicly selected "115" industry innovation team leader announcement
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To effectively enhance the capability of independent innovation of key industries and the overall level of technology, accelerate the construction of high-level innovative talents, according to the "opinions of the provincial leading group personnel for the implementation of the" 115 "industrial innovation team construction project" (Anhui Office No. [2006]12) regulations, Anhui province "11th Five-Year" period, in all kinds of enterprises. Carrying my "861" plan of action is an important project, has obvious competitive advantages, the construction of about 100 "industrial innovation team, hiring about 100" innovation team leader "and about 500" leader assistant ", carried out the" 861 "plan key industrial projects in science and technology, research and development of new products and technology transformation. In 2009, the third batch of "115" industrial innovation team "phosphogypsum R & D team" was set up by the appraisal in Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Now 1 "innovative team leaders" are publicly selected for the province and abroad.

1. The selection conditions, responsibilities and treatment of the "leader of the innovative team"

(1) basic conditions

(1) the dedication, have good occupation ethics and teamwork spirit, good health, can be engaged in scientific research in the full vigour of life and work in the first line;

(2) it has strong technological innovation ability, has hosted major scientific research projects or major construction projects, and the R & D capability and research achievements have been recognized by domestic and foreign peers.

(3) having strong organization and management ability, innovative ideas and strategic thinking in this field, which can lead the innovation team to catch up or maintain advanced level at home and abroad.

(4) a strong ability to guide and cultivate a high level creative team.

(two) main responsibilities

(1) responsible for the formulation and implementation of R & D project planning of the employed units; organize and guide the innovation team to carry out scientific research and new product development, and form high-level research and development achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and promote R & D achievements to be effectively converted into real productivity in time.

(2) to preside or participate in the consultation, research and implementation of the major projects and the medium and long term research and development plans of the employed units;

(3) to guide the construction of the scientific research echelon and the talent team of the employed units;

(4) to organize and carry out the technical exchanges at home and abroad of the employed units, and to lead this innovative team to the advanced level at home and abroad.

(three) related treatment

The set up period of the "115" industrial innovation team in Anhui is generally not more than 5 years. During the period of setting up, the establishment unit of the innovation team provides the necessary research funds and post allowances for the innovative team in accordance with the contract stipulations signed by both parties. The provincial special fund for talent development is subsidized to the establishment of innovation team according to the standard of "innovation team leader", which is 50 thousand yuan per person per person and 10 thousand yuan per person per person per year. "The leader of the innovation team" and "the assistant of the leader" are involved in the income distribution of R & D results according to the contract. The treatment of other aspects of work and life is determined by the establishment of an innovative team in accordance with the actual conditions. The relevant departments of the provinces and cities give key support to the declaration of the title, scientific research projects and funds for the leader of the innovation team and the assistant of the leader.

Two, "innovative team leader" selection procedure

The competition for the "innovation team leader" who proposed to apply to the competition for technology center of Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and fill out the "Anhui Province industrial innovation team leader" application form. The candidates outside the province can be selected by "flexible Introduction". Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. technology center according to the recruitment conditions and target, the applicant for review, selection, recommendations, the provincial authorities or the city. The relevant departments of the province or the city in which they are in a combination of leaders and experts will review the applicants, put forward the candidates to be recruited and submit to the Provincial Personnel Office. The provincial personnel will be submitted to the leadership group of the provincial personnel work to be appointed after the study. The innovation team establishes the appointment contract with the recruited personnel, determines the "leader assistant" candidate, and forms an innovative team.

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