Cao Jianhua, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the special equipment safety inspection group to Tongguanshan company and organic company inspection
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April 20th morning and afternoon, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee led by Cao Jianhua composed of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, safety bureau, fire brigade and other departments of the special equipment safety inspection team line of 10 people, accompanied by general manager of the company Jiang Xinghai, respectively, special equipment of Tongguanshan chemical company and organic chemical company were examined.

Through on-site inspection, the inspection team of the two companies of boiler, pressure vessel and pipeline, the presence of heavy machinery and other special equipment problems put forward rectification opinions, and asked the two companies should attach great importance to the safety management of special equipment, in strict accordance with the "Regulations" special equipment safety supervision and management regulations, rules and regulations, safety management system; to strengthen accountability, clear safety responsibility, increase investment in safety, grasp the safety key, and remove security risks, ensure that the special equipment is always in a safe and stable running state.

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