An titanium company ensures the balance of production and marketing on the basis of good faith operation
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Ann titanium company adhere to the "customer needs is our goal, customer satisfaction is our standard" for the purpose, pay close attention to product quality management, promote the family flower service vigorously, the majority of users in mind set a "titanium never promised not to discredit the brand image, effectively promoted the development of product sales work. Last year, the company's titanium dioxide production increased by 41% compared with that in 2003, and the market competition further intensified. The balance of production and sales was achieved. Meanwhile, sales revenue and capital return were all record highs.

An titanium company insists on making the brand of the foundry good faith as the foundation of the enterprise. While enhancing the concept of honesty and credibility of employees, they extended the product quality management from internal quality to all aspects such as outer packaging, sending and transporting goods, and established a solid quality assurance system. They have set up the quality standard of the internal control of the products which are strict with the national standard, and keep the quality of the products well in all directions. The company provides the unqualified raw material can not enter the device, strictly implement the production of raw materials, raw materials storage and transportation equipment, integration of production management, ensure the quality of titanium dioxide and ferrous sulfate; in the establishment of quality control procedures, into the process management, and according to the ore grade level, choose different technology, in order to achieve the best quality and benefit; relying on scientific and technological progress, to overcome the bottleneck of quality "". Due to the steady improvement of product quality, the company's production of "annada titanium dioxide" brand has not only become the province with the industry's only "Anhui famous brand", and favored by the majority of users.

While emphasizing the quality management of the products, the company also vigorously promotes the friendly service. The company has established a strict product quality return visit system. Every year, a regular or irregular organization of professional and technical personnel is sent to all over the place to solicit opinions from users, and according to user's opinions and suggestions, product quality is improved in a timely manner. They also send a scientific and technological service group every year to guide the user science to use the company's products carefully, and be welcomed by the vast number of users. Although they have added a lot of cost to the after-sale service, they think it's worth it.

In order to effectively safeguard the interests of users, the company also set up special telephone complaints, all-weather all company marketing personnel service supervision, and the abuse of power, damage to the corporate image behavior seriously. They also take the form of regular user symposiums to listen patiently to the opinions and suggestions of the user's product quality and service. An titanium company won the user with good faith, and the market share and reputation are increasing.

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