The cultural charm of the characteristic enterprise of the six countries
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Anhui six chemical Limited by Share Ltd in the process of enterprise development, from the implementation of image strategy, cultivating characteristic of the enterprise culture, to create a distinctive "three five" culture, not only become a "magic" culture of winning the company's development strategy, but also had a real impetus and far-reaching influence of the three civilizations construction.

Anhui six chemical Limited by Share Ltd is Chinese only a high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer of listed companies. In recent years, the company has built the characteristic corporate culture as a weapon to promote the development strategy of enterprises, and earnestly strengthen the guidance, cultivation, implementation and maintenance. Since 2002, the company has proposed to strengthen the general staff, members and middle-level managers in the construction of "three troops", establish employees such as customers, as customers such as staff employee and customer "concept, and the implementation of data standardization and the occupation of the fine management method, produced a strong response in the majority staff in the preliminary essay enterprise culture construction. After more than three years old, to ultimately create a "three five" (speak, speak, speak to Thanksgiving struggle, loyalty, solidarity, responsibility, enterprising, dedication) characteristics of enterprise culture, and the majority of employees recognized. Company department around the "three five" culture, organize and carry out the "eight" campaign, which held a "growth story" report; open a "six culture" sub pages; to carry out a "Samsung" rating; write a culture of "pioneer" manual; to organize a "Sanjiang forum five and personal values; carry out the" one word "post standard collection activities; organize a questionnaire; organized the first cultural festival. By enhancing employees' loyalty, identity and sense of belonging, an excellent team of six countries is created.

Through the characteristics of cultural construction, the company "three five" culture has become a major "magic weapon for winning culture in the enterprise development strategy". The company marketing company of 150 marketing staff to develop team spirit, in more than 20 provinces, the mayor of stagnation years direct sales, company products in the domestic market share has remained at about 15%. The company production system to system culture, the implementation of sophisticated management, diammonium phosphate production at a rate of 15% a year of steady and rapid growth in recent years, in 2004 the cumulative production of 499 thousand and 100 tons, for the record, the company also received advanced collective ideological and political work in Anhui province and Anhui Province, civilized units and so on. In the "three five charm" culture, the company was a "loyalty to the enterprise, struggle in the post" excellent staff "founder He Shijie emerged talent shows itself, what's the operation method", "Luo Linsheng hopper" inventor Luo Lin Sheng and a number of advanced models.

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