The group company has made remarkable achievements in green chemical industry by taking the road of recycling economy
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Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources in 2004 the company has made considerable progress, in March 28th the municipal government of Tongling city in 2004 industrial environmental credit rating results press conference, Anhui Six Chemical Co., Ltd., annada Titanium Industry Huaxing Chemical Company of Lvyang was named the blue enterprise. Now our company enterprise all black hat, blue business more than the previous year 2. The results of the annual environmental behavior rating were assessed according to the Interim Measures for the public management of environmental behavior information of industrial enterprises in Tongling. There are 135 Industrial Enterprises above the scale of the city. The group also made an exchange speech at the meeting as a significant unit of environmental protection management.

In recent years, the group spirit of "green chemical industry, promote the traditional industry" the purpose of responsibility in the implementation of environmental protection work of administrative leaders, establish and strictly enforce the "pollutant emission and control plan", "environmental protection technical innovation project plan" and continue to increase investment in environmental protection at the same time, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, adhere to the road of clean production with the concept of circular economy, the production process of "three wastes" treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources, and achieved tangible results. The former is known as the "DAP phosphogypsum Baishan" has been turning waste into treasure, an annual output of 400 thousand tons of phosphogypsum cement retarder not only to digest the waste and the increase of ammonium phosphate, retarding new varieties of cement enterprises, reduce the production cost. The 1000 square metre plasterboard project built on copper in Shandong Pingyi Bayer building material has been built and is about to go into operation. It can also use 100 thousand tons of phosphogypsum residue every year. The past "Hongshan" sulfuric acid slag has now become "xiangbobo", the use of channels more widely, as raw materials of cement enterprises welcome 100 correction. The new high-grade sulfur refined sand produced by the new sulfur removal system not only improves the iron content of the by-product sulfuric acid slag, but also meets the requirements of raw materials for iron and steel enterprises, and digested 380 thousand tons of sulphuric acid slag throughout the year, creating an economic profit of nearly 10 million yuan.

In the treatment of waste water and waste gas, the company not only pays attention to the investment, but also puts its attention on the comprehensive utilization. In 2004, the total investment of the company was about 30000000 yuan, and a series of environmental technology projects were retrofit, such as the new sewage treatment system invested by 6 million 500 thousand yuan by an TI company. Sewage after treatment 30% to achieve recycling, saving 70 tons of water per hour; Shun ammonia desulfurization transformation company, which greatly reduce the ammonia nitrogen content of sewage, to achieve discharge standards; Tongguanshan chemical company through the system of waste acid superphosphate application of titanium dioxide, 2004 only 4800 tons of waste acid from titanium dioxide production. The six countries stock company produced the diluted hydrofluoric acid produced in the production process for Tongguanshan company to produce sodium fluosilicate and potassium fluosilicate, which not only reduced the environmental pollution, but also created some economic benefits for the enterprise every year. In order to realize the regeneration and utilization of resources, in 2004, the Group invested 10 million yuan. In October of that year, the production plant of ferrous oxide black pigment was produced by ferrous sulfate, a by-product of titanium dioxide. The annual output value increased by 40 million yuan.

"Both gold and silver, more beautiful scenery, to maximize the protection of the ecological environment is always the target of group company. At present, the new construction of the group, in addition to the construction project in addition to the implementation of the construction project "three at the same time", but also pay attention to the use of advanced technology at home and abroad. 600 thousand tons of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer and 200 thousand tons of sulfuric acid project have absorbed a large number of advanced technology of large domestic and foreign devices, ensuring the advanced nature of the device, ensuring that its closeness is the best, and then completely changing the quality of the enterprise's environment.

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