Group company leading New Year's Eve to consoled production frontline workers
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The eve of the new year's Eve (late February 8th) is a celebration of the reunion of the Chinese family. Group leader Xu Qiang, Jiang Xinghai divided into three road to the six company, mineral company, Tongguanshan Xinqiao chemical company, Huaxing company, ammonia company, organic chemical companies, titanium company and other units, the production line depth, condolences festivals still stick to their posts of cadres and workers, to send them to the blessing of the Chinese New year.

Leaders everywhere asked about their production and living situation with concern. They told them not only to have peace of mind, but also to arrange their life well, and thanked them for their contributions to the group's production and management in the past year.

At the same time, the leaders also have a detailed understanding of the production situation in the class, and the staff should pay attention to the safety of production.

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