Group company rewards laboratory worker skills competition six
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The group laboratory skill competition fell to the curtain in the afternoon of November 24th. Tongguanshan chemical company Ding Hongsuo won the laurel for 162 points and got a bonus of 5000 yuan. At the same time, Ding Hongsuo is also awarded the group company "technical bid" honorable title, will send another bonus of 3000 yuan. Dai Xueqin, Huaxing company of Tongguanshan, Wu Zhifa, Xu Xiujuan of six countries, Meng Xianfeng and Yang Ying of Tongguanshan company won second to sixth respectively, and got 2000 yuan, 1600 yuan, 1200 yuan, 1000 yuan and 800 yuan respectively. This is the first group rewards technology contest winners.

Group leader Xu Qiang, Jiang Xinghai, Wang Qingcheng, Huang Huafeng, Ma Suan, chairman of the union of ancient patriotic attended the afternoon of the 24 day of the ceremony, and awarded bonuses, certificates and prizes for the winners.

Jiang Xinghai and Wang Qingcheng also visited the game on the morning of 24.

The competition is carried out in two rounds of theory and practice. The first round of the 41 players were selected by various units, and the top 18 players took part in the second round of the 24 day.

The competition is jointly organized by the trade union of the group and the Ministry of human resources, and the staff of the company's Supervision Room participates in the supervision all the time. The preparation and rewinding of the test questions are held by the experts of the technical center of the group company. The competition fully embodies the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.

Xu Qiang, the chairman of the group and the Secretary of the Party committee, spoke at the award ceremony. He first congratulated the award-winning players for their good results. Xu Qiang pointed out that with the continuous expansion of the scale of the company and the image of the rising group of companies need a large number of high skill, high loyalty and enterprise employees, which is to train the learning needs of enterprises, is to ensure that the copper in an invincible position in market competition needs, is the need to carry the banner of Tongling parathion chemical industry base. It is the need to achieve Tongling long-term development strategy.

Xu Qiang also briefly expounded on the development prospect of next year five development direction and group, motivate people eager to learn, study, do a good employee owned, loyal to the enterprise proficiency in a particular line.

Xu Qiang hopes to be able to play a strong demonstration of the skills competition next year and in the future through the post skills competition.

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