Zhang Qingjun met to discuss cooperation in the Australian Tongling
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The morning of November 20th, mayor Zhang Qingjun in the courtyard of a building Lake Hotel met to Tonghua group company to discuss cooperation matters of the precious metal smelting Australia OFT company and East Resources Inc chairman Mike Parr, chief executive of East Resources Inc, Grey Joce and Tongling in the Australian Chancellor Precious Metals Limited chairman Grey Harris line. Group Chairman Xu Qiang, deputy general manager Yuan Juxing also met with the manager for a company.

In the conversation, Zhang Qingjun of Australia to copper welcome the investment, and this project gave a high evaluation. He said that the comprehensive utilization of the resources will be valued and supported by the municipal government and even the provincial government.

Mike Parr expressed his gratitude to the mayor's interview and expressed his desire to build the project well and expressed a strong interest in the cooperation of other aspects in the future.

After the conversation, Zhang Qingjun and Xu Qiang presented gifts to the Australian line, Australia brought gifts.

Previously, the group the same Australia precious metals smelting project joint venture construction negotiated. The manager also investigates Huaxing company, Tongguanshan company sulfuric acid residue site and the project construction site, Xinqiao mineral company open pit.

It is reported that the Australian line at 19 PM arrived on the morning of 22 copper, copper from the back.

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