Group company rewards fourteen scientific and technological achievements
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The morning of October 30th, in the group headquarters auditorium held the Fifth Conference on science and technology, active technical personnel rewards made 14 scientific and technological achievements in technological innovation activities and technological transformation of the total prize money of 825 thousand yuan, a total of more than four times of science and technology achievement award funds. Among them, the first prize is five, the prize is 100 thousand yuan, and the two prize is 5. In addition to raising the copper recovery rate, the prize is 45 thousand yuan, the rest of the awards are 50 thousand yuan, three awards are four, and the awards are 20 thousand yuan.

At the meeting, Xu Qiang made an important speech. Jiang Xinghai made a report entitled "accelerating the progress of science and technology, strengthening technological innovation, and making great efforts to create a new situation in Xinghua." Yuan Juxing read out the commendation decision. The leaders presented the award to the award-winning project representatives.

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